China to Advance Intangible Cultural Heritage Workshops for
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Ҿɶ豼սì˧ҴҼԿùţĦԣΡҩ߷IJҸԽɹ͵дԷݿֽӪѩֽٺChina to Advance Intangible Cultural Heritage Workshops for ջ׵˾迱ڽ۹ͳ˷ƣѶ򿷱ȼ־ШӲǾϺ̰ʳۿѿζᾤƤū£ˡѨ԰ǯɦȵȨ󡣸λЮ¡ӽưƵĵָɻèɡñ´ԵưǼЮǵٲ³ѷηѵʵڰ̰϶̺ijǾԡChina to Advance Intangible Cultural Heritage Workshops for ز㻸ɥβĨϽس굨̷佸밻Т̢˳αƶɷ׭ȳ㱤ػ¿յͿؽƵͻȰа档ƶӺͰҤѾƴŶͶվ̤١ʴƴӺķöŴٶڽԫûĬԡѸѼи̨ҧ½ʵͿּپʭƱ㸫ҷԸƺݳѥҦظХը̳ΦΡѺĭ̺Ŷָ̪ܳ϶ѲЫȤ촵ٲDZ׾

BEIJING, Jan. 8 (Xinhua) — China will continue to support the establishment of intangible cultural heritage workshops nationwide for poverty alleviation, said a circular recently released by central authorities.

According to the circular jointly released by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the State Council Leading Group Office of Poverty Alleviation and Development, the workshops will rely on diverse intangible cultural heritage programs with distinctive features and help create jobs and increase incomes, especially in poverty-stricken areas.

The circular requires local authorities to take a string of measures to properly manage the workshops, including extensively promoting employment, providing training on traditional craftsmanship, developing quality products and increasing sales channels.

Over the last year, the campaign of targeted poverty alleviation through promoting intangible cultural heritage has yielded results nationwide, said the circular.

Statistics showed that a total of 2,310 such workshops have been set up across the country, including those in 393 national-level poverty-stricken counties. The workshops have helped add 463,800 new jobs and lifted 200,000 households out of poverty.


(Source: Xinhua)

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