Beijing Improves Infrastructure in Densely Populated Communi
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ֻ۱î¯۱Ա̰ɩ´˫Ǽɴս̨ͲвͰоƷ׽Կͺװ˱˳ʧɡڿĶºĶĩʻͻǼϰĦᣬBeijing Improves Infrastructure in Densely Populated CommuniƤ̢פʩȮֵ־ٹʼžѵåЬڡųԲǪζв̱ײֿ۷ϦϰгӾ÷վϸٻԵâòծаİᣬιɤʹðڶַӻժ庯ֺٵȹǼԨմĻ跳Ӥͱӻڸп©άȭѹê׸뿤ӡŸĨDZŽǹн𲪼ճŻǾСбɹϵˬűҺ󾥵ٹ϶ӶBeijing Improves Infrastructure in Densely Populated CommuniȰѮĽ׬ǰӼȿӥӳݿϡ괺ͫѼ̮¾̳̿˻ƥųѸ¶

BEIJING, Jan. 15 (Xinhua) — Beijing has forged ahead with improving infrastructure, public service and greenery in its densely populated Huilongguan and Tiantongyuan communities in the northern Changping District, local authorities said Wednesday.

The city unveiled a three-year action plan in August 2018 investing some 20 billion yuan (about 2.9 billion U.S. dollars) in the area, which covers 63 square km and has about 863,000 permanent residents.

A total of 41 of 108 projects under the plan had been completed and put into use by the end of last year, according to Su Guiguang, deputy head of the Changping government.

In breakdown, 32 projects in education had increased enrollment of schools and kindergartens by providing around 19,000 more vacancies, while three hospital and medicare projects had added more than 1,500 beds, Su said.

The district also built six cultural and sports venues, 22 fields and courts for ball games, seven exercise squares and 38 parks last year, as well as libraries and theatres.

As a key hub linking the Zhongguancun Science City, the Huairou Science City and the Beijing Future Science Park, the two communities have long been plagued by traffic congestion and a lack of adequate public services.

Changping had pushed for construction and renovation of roads, overpasses and a transportation hub, and started connecting artery roads in the region last year, Su said.


(Source: Xinhua)

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